About us

Who we are

Feed the Kids Foundation was founded in 2021 by Kalab Stokes, who has always had a dream of starting an organization that gives back to kids and communities..

As a child, he personally was a recipient of others’ kindness and generosity. As a freshman in high school, Kalab broke his leg and consequently the growth plate playing in a high school football game. Without proper corrective surgery, this type of break would cause Kalab’s broken leg to stop growing, while his other leg would continue to grow, causing significant impact on the quality of Kalab’s mobility and quality of life.

In order to fix his leg correctly Kalab needed a specialized surgery that his family could not afford. They were already experiencing significant financial hardship and this surgery was just not monetarily possible. Realizing the situation, the doctor referred his family to Shriners Children’s hospital where they were connected with a donor who graciously paid for Kalab’s entire surgery and monetary provisions and accommodations for his family to travel from their home in Idaho to Shriners Hospital in Utah for the duration of the surgery and recovery.

Kalab will forever be grateful for his donor’s Christ-like generosity and understands the significant impact it still has today, decades later. Without this type of generosity, his life would be completely different.

Kalab’s desire to pay forward the Christ-like love he received has always burned bright; he just needed to decide where to focus his efforts and organize them. As Kalab’s own children began school and he started paying for a variety of school related fees, it became clear that school fees add up quickly, which often adds to the financial burden many families face. He asked his local school district which fees were the most often unpaid. They easily replied “school lunch”. School’s annually go into thousands of dollars in debt to cover lunch that parents can’t afford. However, no child should ever go hungry. It became clear; by helping to cover school lunch fees he would be able to give back to families and make sure that every child receives a quality lunch every single day.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization (87-1500826) which means any donations made receive a tax deduction for your contribution.